Coconut House Malaysian Laksa Restaurant, Melbourne

Coconut House Laksa

Laksa has always been one of Shakti and my favourite dishes. It is a spicy Singaporean and Malaysian coconut based soup served on top of noodles with different sorts of vegetables and tofu (or seafood). We are always on the search for restaurants that do a great laksa.

Coconut House is a great little Malaysian restaurant at 449 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, just near the Melbourne Central subway stop. It also has a second restaurant fittingly named ‘Coconut House 2’ just a couple of doors down.

Both serve a delicious vegetarian (and seafood) laksa and it only costs about $9. They have a couple of other options on their menu but they don’t seem to be very vegetarian friendly (the menu is quite hard to decipher!). They also do a great iced milky tea, very similar to Thai iced tea.

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  1. Ben says:

    I’ll be going there for laksa tonight thanks to this post. Thanks guys.

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