Ethnic cuisine and unusual ingredient suppliers in Melbourne

Here is a list of ethnic cuisine and unusual ingredient suppliers in Melbourne. I am basing the list off a list of suppliers I found on the website. I will be visiting some of these places soon and adding to it with more suppliers as I discover them.

Anothai, near corner of Ferguson St and Victoria St, Richmond. Thai tea and other Thai ingredients.

Oasis Bakery, 9/993 North Road, Murrumbeena, 9570 1122, – Middle Eastern ingredients like orange blossom water, pomegranate molasses, dried fruit, also fresh Middle Eastern bread.

Tokyo Deli, 418 Glen Huntly Road, Esternwick, 9523 6200 – Japanese grocery items, restaurant and sake cellar, fresh sushi, sashimi.

Rishon Foods, 23 William Street, Balaclava, 9527 5142 Kosher, Israeli, American and South African food.

Mediterranean Wholesalers, 482 Sydney Road, Brunswick, 9380 4777 – wide range of Italian staples, can buy in bulk.

Bharat Traders, 580 Barkly Street, West Footscray, 9687 6071, – Indian spices, sweets, ghee etc.

Casa Iberica, 25 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, 9417 7106, Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican and South American foods – think jamon, chipotle peppers, picanha, paella seasoning.

Minh Phat Asian Supermarket, 2-8 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford 9429 4028 – Asian ingredients including bamboo steamer baskets, lotus seeds, teas, rice, tofu etc.

Passionfoods 219 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne 9690 9339, Organic products and groceries, Moroccan, Maggie Beer Ice cream.

De Hollandse Winkel, Shop 2, 272 Morack Road, Vermont South 9801 6688 Sells purely Dutch products.

Excel Food Mart, 140 Peel Street, Melbourne, – Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Bangladesh ingredients – spices, lentils, rice etc.

Original Indian Spices, 723 Warrigal Road, Chadstone – Indian ingredients.

USA Foods, 46 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin, 9555 0288, –American foods – think Twinkies, Dr Pepper, no doubt Baconnaise.

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  1. Ezra Ivie says:

    Asian food is every bit as diverse as it is delicious. I used to think that I knew Asian foods growing up. You see, we used to go out to Chinese and practically every weekend. They were a couple Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood, and they were perfect for us kids. They were greasy, flavorful, and we got a cookie at the end of every meal. What more could a child ask for?*

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  2. Seymour Tesseyman says:

    What I didn’t realize was how much better Asian food could be than what my experience of it was. A lot of Chinese cuisine in America is actually nothing like the traditional style. It is much too greasy, and dominated by a simple array of flavors that doesn’t really capture the complexity of Asian cooking.’

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