Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes, also known as Sun Chokes, are one of my favourite ‘forgotten’ vegetables.  When I was a kid my Gran always grew them and I remember before we would go home going out to the vegetable garden and digging up handfulls of them.  My mum became an expert cook of Jerusalem Artichokes and my absolute favourite way of having them was roasted.  Just clean them up, coat in oil and salt and roast until they become incredibly soft.  When you cook them whole in this way the outside caramelises and the inside turns soft and lusciously creamy.  They are so delicious and sweet.

Another way that my mum used to make them is in a mixed vegetable soup which is also divine.  I was reminded of this wonderful vegetable just the other day when I was gifted with fresh handfuls of them from the neighbour’s garden.

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