Wild Slippery Jack Mushrooms

We were at the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne the other day when Shakti spied these beautiful Wild Slippery Jack Mushrooms for sale from afar. We were so excited that the wild mushroom season is upon us and are looking forward to trying and picking many more.

This was the first time we’d had these mushrooms and they were.. well… SLIPPERY!! Very slimy and probably an acquired taste but they were pretty nice mixed in with some other more subtle mushrooms.

I just read on this website that it is recommended to peel the skin off slippery jack mushrooms before cooking as this removes the sliminess. Will have to try this next time!

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One Response to Wild Slippery Jack Mushrooms

  1. Ranchi says:

    …and I was there!! ..yay! 🙂 ..the entire meal cooked that night was DELICIOUS xx

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