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I found this cool website tastespotting.com that collates blog posts with amazing photos of food. What’s different about it is this:

Founded in January 2007 on the idea that we eat first with our eyes, TasteSpotting is our obsessive, compulsive collection of eye-catching images that link to something deliciously interesting on the other side. Think of TasteSpotting as a highly visual potluck of recipes, references, experiences, stories, articles, products, and anything else that inspires exquisite taste.

It works by bloggers submitting links to their blog entries along with the photo for the post. Moderators then choose the best looking photos and approve them for display on the site. This ensures that only top quality photos are shown.

I have really enjoyed browsing through the site and have seen some great food photography and some inspiring recipes such as Shaved Asparagus Salad and Turkish Pastries.

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4 Responses to Tastespotting.com – Food Blog Photography

  1. Margaret Tyson says:

    The Turkish pastries look wonderful, but the best thing is the Turkinglish translation: “Bowl 4 cups flour, such as the center of the pool to open, add all the materials needed for the dough and get a dough the consistency of the earlobe” and “If you do not want to put anything on top of a brush with the egg yolks just crawl”.

  2. Katherine says:

    Not sure if I’ve already mentioned this blog to you, but I thought you might like it: http://www.101cookbooks.com/

    I remember reading that her philosophy is that won’t use a product if she can’t explain how it’s made to a four year old.

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