Blue Cheese and Chestnut Omelette

Blue Cheese and Chestnut Omelette

Chestnuts are currently in season and I wanted to try cooking them in some new and different ways. We also had some of the amazing King Island Dairy Roaring Forties blue cheese in the fridge. I decided to combine the two in this delicious omelette.

I first put a slit in the chestnuts and roasted them in a 180 degree oven for a few minutes until the slit popped open and a knife slid easily through the nut.

Next I sautéed up some onion with red and green capsicum until they were soft. Then I added some garlic and fresh rosemary and finally the chestnuts. I sautéed this all together for a few minutes to give the chestnuts some colour before adding a splash of white wine and letting it evaporate. Finally I seasoned it with some salt and freshly ground pepper.

I then removed the sautéed mixture from the pan and set aside. Next I whisked a couple of eggs together and poured them into the pan to make an omelette. I then added some of the Roaring Forties blue cheese and a little melting cheese such as a mild cheddar or emmental to one side of the omelette along with the sautéed mixture of onions, capsicum and chestnuts.

Fold over the omelette once done and serve with a sprinkle of freshly minced parsley.

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