Fried Green Tomatoes with Corn Bread Crust

Fried Green Tomatoes with Corn Bread Crust


We had this beautiful green tomato from the vegetable garden sitting on the window sill waiting to ripen.  But it was far too green to ever turn red and it had a greater destiny ahead!  Fried Green Tomatoes was where it was heading.  In the excitment of making this dish I didn’t realise that we were out of polenta so it took on a twist which only made it better….corn bread.


Large green tomatoes
Corn bread broken up into crumbs

Basil oil

1 clove galic
Handful basil leaves
1 Tb pine nuts
1/3 cup olive oil


Slice tomatoes into 1 cm rings.  Dust with the flour, coat in the beaten egg and press into the corn bread crumbs to coat as heavily as possible.  Generously coat the bottom of a cast iron skillet with oil and cook on gentle heat until golden brown.  Turn and cook the other side.

To make the basil oil, pound all the dry ingredients in a mortar and pestle until well crushed.  Add the olive oil and salt to taste and drizzle over the tomatoes to serve.


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